Following Financial Analyst Day 2012, which was recently held in Sunnyvale, Mark Papermaster, AMD’s CTO and Eric Demers, CTO Graphics had a fireside chat with the invited journalists, as you could read on Scott’s coverage over at TechReport.

Just few days later, Eric Demers decided to leave AMD. We have contacted AMD and have received the following statement from Chris Hook, Senior PR manager:

"We have a tremendous depth of talent in our organization, a game plan that is resonating with our customers and our team, and we are continuing to bring graphics-performance-leading products to market.  We will attract the right technology leader for this role."

We could not get a hold of Eric as he is currently in a plane, but this event is a natural course of action which started last year.

Based on our proven industry sources, we were told that this departure was expected. Last year, in a management dispute between Thomas Seifert, who was then serving as an inter-rim CEO, company lost Rick Bergman as the General Manager for Product Group. Rick re-appeared as a CEO of Synaptics, but this was not the end of change. In the AMD’s 12% cut of the company employee’s, long hand of the CFO served papers to Carrell R. Killebrew – one of key GPU architects and the person whose trick gave arguably biggest product differentiator – Eyefinity multi-display technology, futurist Simon Solotko and practically the whole PR/Marcom team, alongside numerous others.

While Eric probably worked great with the team, the opportunities come and go, and AMD is now left searching for the new Graphics CTO. As Graphics is a key instrument in the new Heterogeneous System Architecture, it will be interesting to see which talented engineer will come up the ranks. We expect to see Mark Papermaster taking over the reigns until the local engineering talent – or a new hiree – continues to execute the discrete graphics roadmap for ages to come.

Eric’s departure oddly, comes just ahead of the Cape Verde launch, AMD’s mainstream part which will retail as Radeon 7700 Series.