At Computex Taipei 2012, EVGA occupied a suite at the haunted Grand Hyatt Taipei to show off its products for the second half of 2012. There is no doubt in our minds that one of most interesting parts is EVGA’s entrance into the world of power supplies.

While we heard criticism and complaints that the company is taking too long to develop a product, EVGA’s engineers don’t want to leave anything to chance and they are developing both software and hardware at the same time. The power supply will come with full software suite that will show you what is going on inside the power supply, as well as what is the power consumption from each rail? helpful if you’re into overclocking graphics cards – which the company is famous for.

All of the cables of the power supply are sleeved individually, while the power cable looks like it came straight from the world of Hi-Fi audio. The video below features Jacob Freeman, EVGA’s product manager explaining the development of this 1.5KW beast.