Regardless for what side you cheer for, be that AMD, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Apple or Google, Microsoft or Linux – or Ferrari vs. McLaren, Manchester United versus City, the fact of the matter is that these are organizations with hundreds and thousands of people that work night and day to create that emotion you get when you see a product that improved your life, Formula 1 car crossing the finish line, scoring a goal… and as such, there is time to work and there’s time to party.

When it comes to AMD, the company took the high road and employed local artist Luxy Boy to give one of his trademark performances.

The AMD Partner Appreciation Night i.e. Partner Party gathered people from the AMD ecosystem and it all started with another inspired laser performance by Luxy Boy, which you should watch above.

The night continued at the GigaByte After Party and on the XFX 10th Anniversary Party. If you take a look at the XFX story, you can see that the difference in the approach was night and day.