Sapphire Technology is a well known maker of graphics cards and motherboards, but the company decided to expand its know-how into two new business areas: digital signage and CPU coolers.

While we are going to cover digital signage in a separate story, the entrance in CPU cooling business is a surprise. We spoke with Bill Donnelly, one of key Sapphire executives and were explained their position as far as the technology goes. For the company, it was perfectly normal to expand the vapor chamber technology from the GPU to the CPU cooling business, as Sapphire has "plenty of experience in cooling down the demanding ASICs".

You can view the video of the upcoming heatsink above, but the summary is the same – the company is entering obviously lucrative enthusiast CPU heatsink business with a relatively light product which combines heatpipes and vapor chamber base, capable of dissipating 200 Watts of heat.