During the first keynote at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit 2012, AMD?s Corporate Fellow Phil Rogers announced forming of the HSA Foundation to drive the HSA GPU-CPU forward.

AMD Corporate Fellow Phil Rogers announces the HSA Foundation
Phil Rogers, AMD Corporate Fellow announces the HSA Foundation

The HSA Foundation was backed by AMD and was in the works for the past 18 months. The idea is based on creating a single software framework that enables both CPU and GPU to be utilized as much as possible, not excluding the possibility of collaborating together on the future hardware, such as the today?s announcement of AMD implementing ARM?s TrustedZone and a Cortex-A5 in the future APUs.

We visited the Q&A session, and learned that the HSA Foundation positioned itself as platform architecture, with an accent on APU as a concept. To us, this is a beginning of AMD moving away from being a hardware vendor to being a full platform solution provider.