At Bright Side of News*, we have a standard review policy in which the company is invited to reply should they find a review great or not so great. In the case of MSI Stealth review, we got contacted from a MSI Computer Case Division representative, which sent out an official statement in regards to the review:

"We appreciate the review process and always wish to address the concerns of any product. We feel this particular article is a misrepresentation of the MSI Stealth Chassis (as the new review has proven) and this statement is provide some objectivity.

  • All review units are fully inspected before being sent to reviewers in order to maintain shorter turnaround times and to meet marketing deadlines.
  • Any issue regarding spelling errors has been addressed for future printing of product. This particular incident was caused by an older draft being used during the printing process. It is an unfortunate, yet slight, mistake that does not detract from product functionality.
  • The VGA stabilizers are very useful for users with larger graphics cards (ex. MSI 6870 Hawk Edition) or aftermarket coolers than may increase the length and weight of the GPU. It has been shown that these longer cards can warp or break the PCI-e slots during transportation or shipping. Newer graphics cards have been designed to be shorter as a means to address this issue as well, which is why the reviewer was unable to see the true value to this functionality.
  • The "shifted" USB ports may be an issue in regards to shipping. This particular unit was personally inspected before shipping and showed no physical defects. Multiple review units are out there on the web that show this is NOT a common occurrence. We utilize EPE filling in all chassis packaging to ensure the safest transportation, but sometimes are out of our control. We ensure that while this is an unfortunate incident, the USB ports will work well and we will make sure future products take into consideration the harshest of shipping conditions.
  • In regards to the case "catching fire", we are still investigating the case unit as it was just sent back to us and going through inspection to find what may be at fault. This is a solitary incident and can be considered an aberration. As mentioned, multiple review units are available without any similarly reported incidences.
  • To address the value proposition and to keep up with changes in demand of the market, we will be running promotions for the Stealth chassis. This case has received many accolades from reviews around the web to ensure our customers are receiving a great product at a great price."

The statement was followed with an image sent via email about the third point in the statement:

MSI Stealth case with the GPU stabilizer

We would invite the readers to read the statement above, check the preview article about the pre-production case and the review which actually utilized a production unit and come to your own conclusions.