At the International Supercomputing Conference 2012 in Hamburg, Germany Supermicro launched the FatTwin, a new generation of dense servers, this time in 4U form factor. The new FatTwin servers support both CPU and GPU computing, utilizing new form factor with different nodes supporting from 8 hot-swap 3.5? had drives in 1U package to squeezing as much as eight GPUs in a mere 2U space.

Supermicro FatTwin

For example, a FatTwin platform could have eight Tesla GPU boards, eight hard drives and a four socket processor combo with up to 32 cores / 64 threads feeding those Teslas. Furthermore, the new design means that the FatTwin can operate at higher ambient temperatures which Supermicro claims it will reduce the cost of operating at higher temperatures.

The company states that the FatTwin can operate with the temperatures up to 47 degrees Celsius, which means you can eliminate costly air conditioning. It is unknown what cooling solutions did Supermicro deploy to get the increased temperature range, but we?ll leave you to consider it.

According to the company, FatTwin is available in four or eight node configuration connected with an optional 56Gbps ConnectX-3 FDR InfiniBand.