We just got informed that Roy Taylor, our columnist and a veteran executive with NVIDIA and MasterImage 3D has resigned from MasterImage 3D with immediate effect.

Roy TaylorThere is no need to especially introduce Roy, since the list of the work he’s done in the past is quite impressive – remember, behind all the great companies stand great men and women, who work hard to organize teams of people that go and create technologies and products we’ve all grown to like.

When the frustration grows, people leave and then the troubles start. We’ve all grown accustomed to NVIDIA’s The Way Its’ Meant to Be Played program as consumers, game developers grew used to NVIDIA’s supreme Developer Relations, while the first design wins for the Tegra SoC came from his position as VP of Telecom Relations. Naturally, people leaving resulted in slowdowns of the development, and after initial design wins, Tegra seemed stalled to us for about 6-9 months.

After joining MasterImage 3D, we started hearing more and more about the glassless 3D, i.e. autostereoscopy and autostereoscopic 3D screens, ultimately leading to Qualcomm and Texas Instruments adopting those screens for their reference tablet and smartphone designs.

Even the $15M investment round from Samsung Electronics wasn?t enough to keep people at bay, and the company CEO, James Bower left MasterImage 3D to start his own 3D tablet project, which is now coming to market as Wikipad gaming tablet, powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3.

Right now, Roy Taylor is taking a bow and exiting the predominately Far Eastern company that made quite a splash, but without open and progressive executives, their development might slow down, if not even stall. We wish Roy all the best in his future endeavors, and you can continue to read his musings here, at Bright Side of News*.