Recently, we wrote a story on Roy Taylor leaving MasterImage 3D, waving good bye to the project of autostereoscopic 3D displays and moving on to the greener pastures, but staying in the world of 3D. Today, we can announce where his next post is: Chief Sales Officer, Rightware.

Rightware came to life after Futuremark spun off its User Interface and Mobile Benchmark unit into a new company, lead by Tero Sarkinnen (CEO, Rightware). The 3D user interface created by Rightware was instrumental in NVIDIA?s plans to win the Audi deal, as well as being a powerful item on the negotiating table with BMW Group. Today, Rightware has several mobile phone UI wins, such as 3D UI on Konka?s $250 Android phone intended for the Chinese market. You can see the video of their design with with Konka below:

With Roy in charge of sales, we have no doubt that Rightware will become more aggressive player on the market. Be that as it may, Roy will continue to contribute to Bright Side of News* as a contributor with his own, personal views of the industry.