In March 2012, NVIDIA introduced Kepler GPU architecture as the GeForce 600 Series. The lineup was expanded with parts from commercial and HPC space with Quadro KX000M and Tesla K10/20 Series, but up until now, customers had not had a demonstration just what the new Kepler architecture can do.

A New Dawn by NVIDIA

On Computex Taipei 2012, NVIDIA released a video showing a remake of the Dawn demo, which debuted a decade ago with the infamous GeForce FX 5800. The main purpose of ‘A New Dawn’ demo was to demonstrate the advances in computer graphics, and needless to say, we were not disappointed. As you can see in the video below, the level of detail is breathtaking, and comparing the original demo to the new revision only reminds us of incredible progress made by GPU vendors.

While overall targeted resolution grew by "just" 2.63 times (1920×1080 vs. 1024×768), the overall triangle budget is higher by 571 times (7K vs. 4M). Hair went from 1,700 static strands to 40,000 tessellated and physically animated strands? and that even doesn’t include Anti-Aliasing or advanced movie filtering techniques which are calculated in real-time.

If you have a DirectX11-based GeForce hardware (preferably Kepler), don’t wait – head over to NVIDIA site and download it.