Seems like the beginning of third quarter 2012 is market with high-level departures amount multiple companies we cover. The latest departure comes from Corsair Components Inc., formerly known as Corsair Memory.

We received information that Richard Hashim, one of first employees decided to leave the company, effective July 31st. Richard was one of key guys that built from what was a modest company into a giant with over 800 employees, with annual sales reaching half a billion dollars. Besides Corsair, Richard is engaged with the non-profit Squash Drive, helping children in Oakland area -bear in mind that he won the US National Squash Championship in 1987. 

I remember meeting Richard soon after I joined The Inquirer and can’t believe better part of a decade slipped between those couple of drinks and today. However, after 17 years with the company, Richard decided to draw its stint to a close and take a long and deserved prolonged vacation. We wonder where Richard will appear next but one thing is sure – that company will be happy to have him.