For over 500 million people, Formula 1 is a sport to which they are glued in. Every two weeks on average, a set of 24 cars worth around $72 million line-up on the grid and take off as the fastest cars on the planet (+1G acceleration, -6G breaking, 3.5-4.9G in corners). However, every August, F1 circus takes a mandatory four week break in order to "save cost".

With the 11th race of the season ending on last Sunday (Hungarian Grand Prix), F1 circus is on is well deserved break – unleashing the creative agencies which will look for the spot in the media sky. Often August is the time when we get the most creative concepts out the door, and one such project is Sauber’s 360 degree video project.

The team installed a 360 degree camera on its Sauber C31-Ferrari and had Sergio "Checo" Perez take it out for a spin around Circuit de Catalunya located near Barcelona, Spain. How does F1 look in 360 Degrees? Check it on the official company website, while the video below can tell you what to expect: