Ever since its debut on the Apple iPad, ‘Epic Citadel’ demo represented just how good graphics can look on a tablet. During the press conference at IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany – NVIDIA demonstrated Epic Citadel demo running on ASUS Vivo Tab RT, Tegra 3 powered tablet running Microsoft Windows RT.

This proves the ease of code portability from iOS, Android and Windows 7 to Windows RT and Windows 8 as such. Up until this demo, there were numerous claims that it will be difficult if not impossible to port the code from iOS and Android to Microsoft’s own platform? but that is now in the past.

You can see the video here:

Now, this demo would be ok by itself, iOS/Android code running perfectly smooth, but there were several improvements in this particular version. First of all, the Epic Citadel demo ran a fully blown version of Unreal Engine 3.X, including the full DirectX 9 pipeline. No OpenGL ES, no embedded DirectX – full desktop API with all of its libraries. The PhysX engine was not mentioned, but with the GeForce ULP being based on GeForce 6/7, it has to run on multiple ARM Cortex-A9 cores inside the T30.

All in all, we’re getting into quite an interesting arena, and the 2013 will bring the onslaught of iOS, Android and Windows RT based tablets.