Photoshop and Illustrator will soon be pie in the sky. Adobe Systems is planning to offer their celebrated software packages on line only. The familiar boxes available at your local computer store will be disappearing from the shelves.

You won?t even be able to buy digital copies, instead you must purchase an on line service called Adobe Creative Cloud in a subscription form. This move will affect professionals as well as individuals who manipulate their images using Adobe?s products. Creative Suite 6.0 is the last of the design software that can be bought in a package. Adobe says they will continue to support that product however.

For the user, on line versions have an advantage in that they are constantly updated (whether you want the enhancements or not). The advantage to the developer is reduced packaging and distribution costs. They will sell use of the software on contract at $50 a month in comparison to a flat off-the-shelf purchase price of almost $1,300, or 26 months equivalent. Adobe already has over 500,000 subscribers and anticipates adding literally millions more in the next couple of years. While adding subscribers, Adobe has reduced their own staff by around 750 jobs.