What does a drug store have to do with your memories? No, it is not a new mind enhancing pharmaceutical. It is the ability to transfer your home movies to the cloud at WalgreensiMemories digitizes and stores your videos and photos. They have teamed up with the drug store chain to put movie transfer services as near as your closest Walgreen?s retail location. Mark Rukavina, founder and CEO of iMemories said, ?We?re passionate about giving people a highly convenient way to preserve and enjoy their precious family memories ? whether they were captured in 1957 using Super 8 movie film, or in 1985 using a VHS videotape.?

Old formats can be digitized in the Cloud by iMemories at Walgreens

At Walgreens, your old video tapes and film reels can be transferred from the original analog format into digital video. You can even preview, edit and customize the content before transferring it to a DVD or Blu-ray. Jasbir Patel, Walgreens senior director and general merchandise manager of photo and e-commerce. Said: ?Our DVD transfer service fully leverages today?s multi-screen world and is an unparalleled solution to help preserve captured video.?
You can see and even share your home movies in full resolution from most device screens. You can view and share via your iPhone, iPad or Android devices using an iMemory mobile app. Or watch those memories on your PC, Mac, or Smart TV.

Just take your old videotapes or movie film reels to the Photo Department at Walgreens where you will find an automated kiosk and an associate who can assist you. Walgreens operates 8,077 drugstores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. No longer fear having your precious memories lost in shipment. You have full control over the originals at all times.

Normally $14.99 to transfer a video tape, a limited time offer of $9.99 is currently in place. It is only 0.49 cents each to have photos, slides, or negatives transferred to digital format. iMemories? cloud streaming, sharing and storage plan can be purchased monthly at $7.99 or annually at $15.99.

Here?s a high tech way for a new generation to preserve memories of an older generation that were captured using faded technology.