The woman behind the man whose name is synonymous with Apple is stepping out front and directly into the eye of controversy. Mrs. Laurene Powell-Jobs who has been quietly supporting educational venues as a board member of several educational organizations is becoming more vocal. She is taking an active stand on immigration, a hot topic in the United States.

Powell-Jobs has been supporting her love of education for many years. In 1998, she founded an after school program, College Track, to assist low income students get into college by offering tutoring and leadership classes. However, she discovered that many of those low-income students were undocumented aliens who, even with college degree in hand, could not get jobs.

She said during an interview with Brian Williams last month that ?we agree upon what our common American values are, which is let’s make this a true land of opportunity. We’re also a land of rules and laws that should be enforced. Let’s fix this problem, and then let’s let people flourish." Thus, she has come out for the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors). If enacted, the law would provide a path toward legal status for high school graduates, students or those who have served in the military.

Wed to Steve Jobs in a Zen Buddhist ceremony, Mrs. Powell-Jobs is following a live-and-let-live path. To that end, she has been meeting with congressional members, as well as ex- and current presidents to plead her case. She is quoted as saying ?Year after year we saw potential wasted.?

Steve Jobs? bent towards technology has not been lost on his widow. She has blended his forte with her support of learning by investing in a startup called Clever, a company which helps education-focused developers integrate easily with school data. Their goal is to make powerful educational software easy to build and easy to deploy.

For now, the iPhone heiress is setting her sights on helping immigrants become legit in the US. Education of both immigrants and lawmakers is her most valuable tool. She is instrumental in creating a documentary to that end. The Emerson Collective founded by Powell-Jobs is behind development of The Dream Is Now, about a means of sharing their mission and personal stories of those they are trying to help.