Tiger Woods, the infamous golf pro, is out of the game ? the video game that is. Electronic Arts announced that TW will not appear in future releases of their Golf Series. The existing PGA Tour14 for Xbox 360 and PS3 released March 26 this year is already shelved. Hold on to that video game you paid $39.99 for. It could become a collectible.

EA shared the first screenshot of the next generation golf game which is still in development. We weren?t impressed with the new image versus the old image, but we?ll let you decide for yourself. It remains to be seen if EA can generate more excitement by replacing Woods and with their ?new gen? titles which will run on next generation consoles and on mobile, which so far has been their slowest selling platform.

 Electronic Arts? PC and console revenues outpace mobile sales

Woods? PGA history is impressive, with 79 career wins, falling slightly behind legends Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus. He has earned millions from endorsements some of which he lost due to extracurricular activities, but EA said their sales weren?t affected by the bad publicity. Even so, they have now dropped him from their lineup. However, like a ball on the green, Woods always bounces back. He just signed a repeat endorsement with Nike.

The last Tiger Woods PGA Tour game incorporates women golfers from the LPGA tour

Electronic Arts says their partnership with the PGA TOUR remains strong, even sans Woods. The last of the Tiger series included an LPGA Tour license. Players can compete in real-life LPGA events against some of the top women golfers, such as Stacy Lewis and Lexi Thompson. You?ll start as an amateur and must perform well in the Symetra Tour in order to earn your LPGA Tour card.

The current game lets you set the time of day for play, morning, afternoon, even night time. Time will tell if EA earns the interest of video players without the endorsement of their departed famous name player.