The annual meeting of the CIO Network is scheduled for February, 2014. These technology leaders will gather in interactive sessions to come up with action plans for tackling cyber security, managing and leveraging data, sparking innovation and building a pool of talent from around the globe.

The talent expected at the meeting should generate excitement and new ideas through collaboration. Many attendees come, naturally, from top software/hardware companies such as HP, Dell, Google, Adobe Systems, Red Hat with its open source approach, and VMware, seen on Forbes Most Innovative Companies List. VMware specializes in virtualization software.

To work at Red Hat you need initiative, passion, and the ability to work in an ever changing environment.

Other industries that will have numerous representatives include finance, insurance and energy. IT personnel from large companies not known primarily for their technology, such as Kelly Services, Campbell Soup, Host Hotels, and Novartis from the health care industry will be among the attendees.

Booz Allen Hamilton, provider of management and technology consulting services to the US government in the areas of defense and intelligence, brings Mike McConnell, previous Director of US National Intelligence to the roundtables. Beyond security issues, the company just published The Field Guide to Data Science which covers how organizations can navigate data science to capture revenue-driving and mission-enabling insights.

Windstream, a Fortune 500 company, brings one of the few women listed, Cynthia Nash. She has more than 20 years telecommunications and information technology experience which will benefit the discussions. Windstream provides network and home computing security, and offers data center, disaster recovery, internet and phone bundles, and cloud solutions. Their experience with a broad spectrum of services should lend insights to many debates. Their website confronts several myths, including the idea that ?With firewalls, URL filters, and other network security solutions in place, businesses rarely need to worry about replacing these technologies.?

The Hearst Corporation will undoubtedly have much to add about publishing in the new age. They have experience in newspapers, magazines, broadcasting, and entertainment. Another source of stimulating ideas will be Professor Alex (Sandy) Pentland from MIT who can share his experiences in mobile information systems, computational social science, and organizational engineering. The title of one of the world?s top data scientists was bestowed upon Pentland by Forbes magazine in 2011.

The CIO Network meeting will include other members and guests involved in high level technology in global corporations. It will be held in San Diego, California next year.