Publically funded projects are becoming all the vogue. So are smartwatches. Put the two together and you get Neptune Pine, a smartwatch from Neptune Computer.

Simon Tian, a Canadian teenager, is behind the new company. His Kickstarter campaign to fund the Neptune Pine has already bypassed and nearly doubled his goal of $150,000. His watch promises you can make and receive phone calls with built-in speaker and mike, send SMS messages using a full, but small 2.4 inch, QWERTY keyboard, take front and back facing pictures with flash, and communicate in 48 languages.

Texting on the Neptune Pine smartwatch

As watches expand into devices that are all things to all people, the Pine not only supports many fitness apps and doubles as a heart monitor, but its features have a decent life span to get you through the day: eight hours of talk time, seven hours of Web browsing, or 10 hours of music.

Dialing on the new smartwatch from Neptune Computer

Tian says: ?Smartwatches are usually sold as a Bluetooth accessory to your phone for fitness apps and notifications.? Neptune Computer thinks a smartwatch should be truly standalone. ?Neptune Pine is designed to be the only device you?ll ever need, a complete wearable web experience you wear on your wrist.? Aaron Wilkins, CTO of Neptune claims that with its front facing VGA camera: ?Neptune Pine is the only smartwatch that lets you do video chat?.

For technology, the Pine incorporates current WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth versions, has an accelerometer, runs Android Jelly Bean, being powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, and comes in 16GB or 32GB versions.

Sound too good to be true? Production tooling and engineering validation testing have begun, with mass manufacturing scheduled to begin in early December. Investing in anything is a gamble and investigating the credentials and qualifications of the main characters and the numbers is always a wise move. Let?s keep an eye on the success of this venture, and others featured on Kickstarter.