No one could possibly have missed Amazon?s announcement of planning to use drones to deliver packages ? sometime ? say about 4-5 years ? in the future ? after getting the OK from the FAA. But wait ? what?s that in the German skies?

Don?t look now Mr. Bezos, but drones are already delivering pharmacy packages to Deutsche Post DHL in a test run this week. The German express delivery company joined with a pharmacy in Bonn, Germany for the pilot project. The ?Paketkopter? resembled a bright DHL yellow tinker toy. As in the US, such flights require approval from the authorities. A special permit was obtained for the test.

DHL delivery drone flies in Germany. Photo Credit: DPA

The drone was launched from an unpopulated area along the Rhine River. It flew across the water at a height of 50 meters (54.6 feet) and dropped behind Deutsche Post offices after its 2 minute flight. The drone is not yet programmed to be guided by GPS. Guys worked it with remote controls ? hey, isn?t that cheating?. The airborne delivery truck can carry 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds). Amazon is aiming at 5 pound maximum and no one behind the wheel.

Amazon may have garnered worldwide attention with their Charlie Rose interview and announcement promising some flashy future technology, but DHL delivers!

We hear of strange things dropping from the sky all the time, meteorites, frogs.. Medicines could soon be dropping out of the sky. Drugs under a drone?s tummy will surely become a target for opportunists. Pills falling from heaven are not what the doctor ordered. Oxycotin anyone? Or perhaps they’ll take the Mexican Drug Cartel route and start having people believe that weed is falling from the skies?