Little pink pigs formed a tower to illustrate the new process from the Sculpteo 3D printing service. The company hopes this little piggy will go to market by providing not one, but batch reproductions of an item. They are geared up for businesses with mass production, but short run requirements. Not one little piggy, but multiples, are printed in batch.

Users simply upload their 3D file, set the object?s size and dimensions, choose the material in which they want it produced and voila a barnyard of pigs ? or whatever item you want in quantity. The best part for cost conscientious companies is the automatic orientation of the multiples so that you get the best quantity at the best price for the production run. In other words, you can fit more pigs in a blanket (the batch alignment) for less money than other linear arrangements. It would be similar to placing one 6 right side up beside another that is upside down, like this ? 69.

You can choose any one of ten different materials from plastic to spray painted resin to sterling silver. Surface look, details, strength and flexibility of each material is rated on their website. You can choose from 11 colors (pink pigs being in high demand at the show) but you might prefer thalassa blue or neon orange. Would you like the finish to be glossy varnish, satin polish and double polish? The choice is yours.

Sculpteo has been around for four years ? an old timer for the 3D printing process. They are based both in the US ? San Francisco, and Europe ? Paris. The little plastic pig with the curly tail and a coin in its slot touts the promise that you can make your object just the way you want it and still keep more money in your piggy bank.