Boostcase is a combo attachable battery and protective case for the iPhone 5. It comes in simple and neon colors such as coral pink and various battery powers ranging from $79 to $99 for the 5/5s 2200mAh version

Boostcase is a card holder case attached to your phone priced from $49 for metallic gold to $69 for lizard embossed. For the military personnel, camophlage is available.

They also have an attachable zippered compartment for small items such as lipstick and dollar bills. There are 178 items to choose from for your iPhone4 or iPhone5 to match function with fashion.

Jackie Liu displays the card case

Boostcase offers styles to match any fashion statement. Below you can see the fancy Stingray style with an embossed lizard appearance.

Boostcase will boost your iPhone?s power and boost your stylish image. Their products can be found in the App Store, at Nordstrom?s, and boutique stores.