Stern Pinball, Inc. claims to be the last of a dying breed ? the only maker of arcade-quality pinball games in the world At CES, they introduced an updated version of the old game, using a Star Trek theme. This electronic version helps the player understand the game and how to win it.

Stern?s rep, Jody Dankberg, says the console has been changed from the inside out.

Colored LED lights show the player where to shoot. You can choose several modes, such as Klingon Battle which guides you with red lights or Prime Directive which flashes a blue path to success.

Players can select a gaming mode

Stern?s history page explains that pinball-like gaming goes back to a French table-top game bagatelle, invented in 1777. Stern itself only goes back to the 1950?s, long before Pong was invented. It has gone through several transformations and owners, even being part of Sega at one time.

Recent games from Stern include popular movie themes, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek, Batman, and Simpsons Pinball Party. CES attendees enjoyed trying their skill firing virtual torpedoes as lights flashed.

Your score is displayed for all to see

The game was a pleasant respite from all the battery chargers, wireless devices, and smart phone cases on the showroom floor.