Who hasn?t dropped their smartphone or tablet? Don?t you wish they made insurance for that common casualty? Well Square Trade does ? in the form of a warranty that goes beyond that of the manufacturer.

Chelsea Smith holds up a fractured smartphone display

Research shows that the ‘Millennial’ Generation ? those between 18-33 ? are the most likely to purchase that extra protection. Baby Boomers are least likely to do so. Does that mean the older generation is more careful with their devices or that the younger generation is more realistic in knowing that their smartphone surely will accidentally land in the toilet someday?

You can purchase the additional warranty on line or from such stores as Costco or Staples. iPhone protection is $99 for 2 years of coverage. Some coverages are priced according to the sale tag on the product and how difficult it is to repair. Smartphone plans begin at $7.99.

If you drop your tablet, drown it with a wave at the beach, or cause damage in some creative way that would make a good water cooler story, Square Trade can come to the rescue. Parts, labor, free shipping and 5 day repair or replacement is guaranteed when you have Square Trade. No WiFi reception? An antenna failure is one of the covered services.

Warranty fees can vary according to the original price of the device. Fancy $1,000 – $1,499 cameras can be protected for 2 years for $199.00. That?s certainly cheaper than replacing your favorite image capturing device.

Square Trade will replace the cracked phone display with a new display shown opposite or with a whole new phone.

Square Trade and CEA have put out a guide for retailer companies wanting to partner with a warranty company. As customers, we are concerned about what that warranty, now known as a protection plan, costs, how quickly our damaged merchandise will be replaced, how breakable that merchandise is, and how good is the customer service. Square Trade hopes to set those anxieties aside.