Petzila was showing their dog monitoring unit at CES. The startup company was funded by family and friends, as well as Indiegogo. The TV venture capitalist based show, Shark Tank, has been courting them to appear on the show.

Dan Clark, founder and CEO, says, although flattered, the offer comes too late to really benefit the potential investor or Petzila. The pet product pushed off 14 months ago landing significant funds from the founder, family, and others with help from Indiegogo, a social fundraising site. Their Indiegogo $40K goal was exceeded and garnered $100,000 by September, 2013.

Clark says the Shark Tank process and airing of the show will be many months in the future and by then their startup company will be fully up and running. Clark is currently negotiating a $5 million seed money deal elsewhere.

The company?s unit has a 130 degree viewing that lets the pet owner see his dog?s action throughout a room in a full HD image. The speaker lets the dog ?hear his master?s voice? and your pouch will surely come running into view to listen and receive a treat for doing so. The old Pavlovian response premise turned commercial.

The unit plugs into an electric wall socket and functions through your home?s Wi-Fi and the Cloud with bank level encryption. User groups tested 50 prototype units. The Android and iOS apps are available on line ? petziuserportalpup at Download free Smartphone, tablet or web app and follow simple instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi. You can connect with your pet anywhere, anytime.

Petzila will ship in March with a $169.99 price tag.