Voyce monitors the wellness of your pooch. It is a platform for dogs, a wearable device. The information goes beyond numbers and puts the information in a context to make sense of the data. You receive information regarding the animal?s behavior and nutrition for example.

It was developed in conjunction with the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. Voyce even has vets on staff including Adam Little who was on the showroom floor at CES.

The Stuffed Pet Under Vet Adam Little?s Arm is Wearing the Voyce Sensor Collar

The device contains an accelerometer among many other internalized sensors. The other sensors check the dog?s ambient temperature, their heart and respiration ? all indicators of a dog?s health. It checks wellness indicators such as activity, rest, and calories burned. Such a tool can be used by vets and pet owners alike to better understand and quantify a pet’s behavior and to get a better idea of when an animal is not acting normal. Many pet owners simply have no idea of what’s normal and what’s not and with such a tool they are able to see exactly how much a pet deviates from its normal routine.

The product was unveiled at CES 2014. Although now only for standard sized dogs, the next generation will address toy varieties and cats.