TripIt is a way to manage your itinerary when traveling. The program records flight details, meeting times and places, restaurant reservations, hotel addresses with check in and departure times. This year?s new feature is sharing that information.

Build your itinerary by forwarding your confirmations to TripIt who then organizes them all in an easy to digest scheme. You can share your itinerary with designated people. TripIt will send you both copies of your plans.

Concur Technologies, an integrated expense and travel management service, is the parent company. It gave TripIt a leg up on eliminating the cut and paste approach to creating your itinerary. You can access your itinerary 24/7 online, from your mobile device, calendar feeds, or social sites.

The app itself is free. The base plan is free. It runs both iOS and Android. TripIt Pro, the upgraded plan, is $49 a year. With TripIt Pro you get additional perks, such as flight change alerts for example if your gate changes, alternative flights you could take, and membership in Hertz #1 Gold Club. There is also a version for teams to share and coordinate plans.

TripIt integrates with many different applications allowing you to create a complete picture of your business jaunts or vacation.