Aside from the cute name, Sweet Pea has a sweet purpose ? benefiting the infant and young child in language and musical rhythm. Yes, it is technology based, but not intended to teach technology. Brain function, muscle coordination, and emotional development are the focus of the content of Sweet Pea.

Julia demonstrated SweetPea in the CES booth

SweetPea comes in two flavors, the 3 and the 3R. The SweetPea3 MP3 Player lets you supplement daily book reading to your child with audio books and music that is easily accessible to young hands and minds. They are Kid Safe. Safety and child health are built into everything from design, to material selection, through operation.

Sweet Pea3 is a trainer which guides your child through the bedtime process leaving enough time to read to your child each night. It teaches your child to stay in bed until it is time to get up using a timer to alert them. There is also an alarm to keep naps from going too long and interfering with night time sleep. Parents can set the maximum volume the child is allowed to adjust on their own as well as setting how long the player will run before it shuts off, letting the child fall asleep to soothing music.

The SweetPea3R from the Courtenay, British Columbia company upgrades to an MP4 video and music player, which includes WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Apps can be downloaded from the Google Play store, with parental controls for time limits and accessibility. It is intended for children 0-8 years old or seniors 80-99 years who may have arthritis or limited mental capacity. It is light weight, less than a pound, has an easy to hold ring, and is covered in FDA food safe rubber for a good grip. It offers a calendar, images, music, sound recording, video playing, and a clock. There is enough to amuse a child or to entertain and assist an adult who is not accustomed to operating electronics.

-SweetPea3R has links to video, calculator, calendar, sound recorder, images, browser, and music

The SweetPea3R has similar alarms and training features of the SweetPea3, but also includes picture viewer and voice recording apps for kids, with a 2MP front facing camera, microphone, capacitive touch screen MicroSD card slot and accelerometer. It runs on 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 with a GPU, has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery 2800mAh, is droppable, and baby can put it in her mouth safely. The SweetPeas have been tested to all toy safety standards.

A Support Center is available when you have a question about the device?s operation. The childproof device can be used for elderly individuals as well the young. Isn?t the cliché that we all reach our second childhood as we grow older? Well, SweetPea is here to give us access to so many features without the stress associated with technology when we need help holding, hanging on to, and using helpful, entertaining, technology.