A start up in 2011, advanced by crowd funding in 2013, Dualo designed a new musical instrument with an innovative and claimed-to-be intuitive layout of keys. Although this stumble thumbed writer did not try it out, the demonstration was impressive. The Dualo concept originated in 2007 with Jules Hotrique, a mathematician as well as a musician. His instrument?s keyboard is related to harmonic theory.

The Dualo exhibitor showed both the instrument and their cool tee shirt design at CES

Designed for stage, home studio and composition, the Dualo du touch helps the user quickly and easily learn or compose and perform music. Following a successful first edition, the second edition instrument should be available to the public by May 2014.

The du-touch controller provides a five octave chromatic Dualo keyboard, three touchable sliders, three axis movement sensors, midi out wireless/USB/DIN and 8 hours of battery life for a full night?s gig. The Dualo combines 116 LED pressure sensors with 116 sounds that can be edited with the internal synthesizer. There are eight customizable effects, including chorus and reverb, with a stereo line and headphones audio out. It has an eight track sequencer/looper, and a 58 song memory. The Midi and USB ports will be handy if you are already using synthesizer software.

The Dualo scale in lights

As a video learning tool, you can load a piece of music and learn to play it by following the lighted keys. To see how the system works, click here. The website has interactive scores that you can download and exchange. If you watch the video below, it shows how the Dualo is used.

The project was funded by the crowd funding platform, KissKissBankBank in Europe. Dualo more than doubled their goal of 10,000? closing their campaign in July 2013. Constructed in France, the second edition of the Dualo du-touch is proposed to sell at 890?, roughly $1,200 USD. The innovators promise to provide a quick-startup lesson of one hour at your home if you are in the Ile-de-France area, or by Skype for wanna be musicians in the rest of the world.