The Denver Broncos were supercharged last weekend in the NFL Championship game (before this past weekend’s Probowl). Possibly they were inspired by their hometown sponsor, EnerPlex, which uses Ascent?s CIGS technology to put solar power to work in our mobile devices. Ascent Solar manufactures all of its photovoltaic technology in Thornton, Colorado, near the Bronco?s home turf.

Manning and EnerPlex have what it takes to be a game changer

EnerPlex fields a full team of power- assist products. EnerPlex?s Jumpr Mini  battery is ultra-thin to fit into a shirt pocket. It has enough life to extend the battery life of an IPhone 4S by 60 percent, an IPhone 5 by 50 percent or a Samsung Galaxy SIII by 40 percent. It has 1,350 mAh battery capacity (Li-Po), and input5V DC 500 mA (Micro-USB Port), with output 5V DC 850mA (USB Port, Micro-USB Connector).

Protective cover bears Bronco logo with Jumpr Mini along side.

EnerPlex took advantage of CES 2014 to announce their new Sufr solar battery case for the iPhone 5/5s and the Galaxy S4. The iPhone 5 with a 2000 mAh battery capacity promises up to 5.7 hours of Internet surfing. Colors to complement any wardrobe are Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Magenta, Purple. The Samsung version brings a 2500 mAh battery capacity to double your phone?s battery life. The integrated solar panel provides added power whenever you need it while a hinged-door protects your screen. Color choices are white with blue, green, or pink cover and black on black or on a gunmetal cover.

Sufr makes solar battery cases for both the Apple and Samsung phones

The $99.99 EnerPlex Packr sports a flexible and rugged integrated 3 watt solar panel. Contrary to Golden Child?s solar equipped fashionable back pack made in faux leather, the EnerPlex Packr is designed to be a workhorse with two water bottle holders, adjustable shoulder straps, reflective patches for safety in dark environments, and a 30 liter capacity. This dual purpose Packr can charge digital cameras for terrific pictures in the great outdoors and MP3 players for falling asleep to lullabies at the campground. It will power your GPS device so you can find your way home and will power up most smartphones in less than five hours.

Exploring with an EnerPlex on your back promises energy wherever you go.

Ascent claims that their solar modules provide the greatest power density and best power to weight ratio available on any solar form factor. Their high efficiency modules provide EnerPlex the ability to avail the user of a mobile charging solution in any environment. While other solar integrated consumer products use heavy, rigid and fragile crystalline based solar, EnerPlex products are lightweight, flexible and incredibly durable. It will be interesting to see ifany EnerPlex products make any appearances leading up to or during the Superbowl. We have seen countless players on both teams wearing lots of tech including GoPros and Google’s Glass, so it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch. Not to mention, Microsoft has been supplying players with Microsoft Surface tablets to play with leading up to the Superbowl as well.