Ozobot is a little globe that plays on digital surfaces, game boards or plain paper following, recognizing, and reacting in a most intelligent way. It traced a path randomly drawn by two colored markers on a piece of paper while on display at CES.

What fun can be derived from this simple demonstration.

Ozobot [pronounced Oh Zoh Bot] followed the line and switched directions when it encountered the path of a different color. Ozobot communicates through color light sequence feedback.

Recognizing more than 1,000 instructions, Ozobot provides challenging game possibilities for single or multiple players. The prototype already performs OzoPath, OzoDraw, OzoLuck and OzoRace.

Although looming large on the exhibit poster, Ozobot is about the size of a golf ball.

The little guy makes his own decisions and communicates with you. He follows lines, recognizes patterns, and reacts to colors as the marker test demonstrated. He can go fast or slow.

The little robot provides big fun.

Ozobot is planning a Kickstarter project to give their creation a boost. You might be able to get your very own Ozobot before it is available to the general public if you choose to participate.

If you enjoy cat videos, picture kitties chasing this sphere around the house. To see the smaller-than-golf-ball-sized robot in action click here or watch below.