Huawei, with offices in China and the US, announced their new Ascend Mate2 smartphone at CES’ Press Day.

Richard Yu, CEO Huawei Consumer Business Group, emphasized their appreciation of consumer input. The company tries to respond to the things that customers say they want. We want it all, of course. Huawei although acknowledging that everyone is into innovation, noted that users don?t want innovation just for innovation sake.

Consumers want apps they can use. They want an easy navigation method, and battery performance to meet the needs of all those applications. A big item on the want list is quality at the right price. However, you?ll need to check elsewhere to find the price point of the latest and greatest from Huawei.

The company spends its own money on R&D which accounts for 10 percent of the company?s spending according to Yu. He claims that Huawei is the leader in LTE, delivered in 2009 in Norway. Their focus for 2014 is worldwide growth of their brand. Design coming out of their facilities in Shanghai, Tokyo and London is obvious in the new phone.

A better visual experience was one desire they answered by the 6.1 inch screen with laminating display, as well as other improvements.

No longer will your eyes tire of staring at the device?s screen. CABC to the rescue.

Ascent Mate2?s 4G LTE is set for gaming, entertainment, business, and the cloud. All those applications require a healthy processor. Qualcomm’s MSM8928 is inside. The smartphone is tuned for entertainment and business.

Statistics indicate that heavy Internet users rack up 6 hours of daily use. The battery is 4050mAh and 30 percent more efficient. You can get two days uninterrupted performance.

Heavy users can expect 0.84 days out of Apple, whereas Huawei tests at 1.76 days heavy use. For normal users, expect 3.50 days from Huawei while Samsung was marked at 1.83 days. In fact, Yu demonstrated how the Ascend Mate2 can be used as a portable battery, a reverse charging unit. He charged an attendee?s Samsung phone with his Ascend smartphone to the delight of the audience.

Yu bragged on the Ascend Mate2?s features. A front facing camera with 2.4 aperture with a wide angle which he recommended for taking Selfie?s with a group of friends. How about a self portrait with auto face enhancement that he teases will make you look younger.

The rear camera is a Sony 13MP BSI while video is 1080p. Users can select modes for picture taking, such as night mode or macro. Audio has been added to the photo taking capability. If that is not enough, users can utilize remote shooting.

Management capabilities abound with choices relating to a harassment filter, a do not disturb mode, a glove mode, and which apps can continue to run after the screen is shut off. The display handles multi windows, for viewing a video while using the calculator and taking notes for example.

Mr. Yu?s informative presentation ended with Press being able to cluster around several demo models for a touch and feel session.