At CES, tracks run from Kids at Play to Silver Summit, from apps for infants to apps for seniors. A sweet stuffed bear combined technology and cuddles in Teddy the Guardian. Sensors inside the bear provide information about a child?s health in a non-threatening way.

Talking with the founders in their booth, we were told that Teddy is Disneyland Meets Hospital Pediatric Ward. Pertinent data is gleaned from sensors and wirelessly presented to medical staff. The medical professional can rely on diagnostics, not skewed data. The child?s heart rate, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and stress levels are obtained by instruments disguised within the plush animal. We found many of these features at CES in several health related applications for adults, but this child-focused product took a different route.

The two women who created Teddy the Guardian proudly displayed him at CES

Founders Josipa Majic and Ana Burica were happily holding their product as we walked by. Nothing draws a person in, child or adult, like a teddy bear. Since Teddy Roosevelt and Winnie the Pooh made the stuffed animal popular, we all succumb to its magic.

However, there is nothing magical ? unless you count modern technology ? about readings that are sent to a tablet, smartphone or a web application when a child holds the bear close and interacts with him. Children in a hospital bed may not understand how to push the buzzer for the nurse, but they can remember to squeeze their companion bear?s paw if frightened or in pain, or if they just need something.

The example shows were Teddy originated. The patient in question is in Zagreb, Croatia, however the company is now headquartered in London.

Going to the doctor or being tested, as even adults will attest to, is stressful ? known as the ?white coat? syndrome that pushes blood pressure readings higher than normal. In such a situation, a child?s vital signs probably will be skewed and medically less relevant. Gathering data points when the child is in a neutral emotional state playing with or lying next to the bear provides quality information which allows doctors to establish trends and track improvements.

Teddy the Guardian is a cutie, but you won?t find him in the park on a teeter tooter very often. He was created to accompany a child in a clinical setting.

Practitioners and parents can be comfortable knowing that the embedded certified medical sensors are FDA & CE approved. Additionally, the company has a 24/7 team ready to provide support, maintenance, upgrades and reports on data collected.