Capti Narrator is a new app that will turn anything from the web into an audio format that you can listen to in many settings on various devices. Cross-platform Capti can synchronize your playlist among your devices to make the transition between them seamless. You can switch from listening on your phone to listening on your car stereo. Capti begins right where you left off.

With Capti, you can get material from the Web, Clipboard, Dropbox, and Google Drive, then listen to it on an iOS 7 device. Windows and Mac versions are on the way. You can revise your play list from your desktop. Capti is capable of converting webpages, PDF, DOC(X), PPT(X), RTF, ODT, TXT, and EPUB into sound. One especially cool feature ? Capti lets you listen to just the main content in webpages. You can skip ads, menus, and general webpage clutter.

Dr. Yevgen Borodin is a research assistant professor in the computer science department at New York?s Stony Brook University. As President/ CEO of Charmtech Labs, he explained his product during an interview with a senior IEEE member at CES.

Borodin?s motivation for starting the company came while researching how to assist sight impaired individuals, but soon realized the product could be beneficial to the general public. It is a hands-free method of listening to all kinds of digital content while also doing other things, for example cooking or cleaning out the garage. His goal is for people to be able to listen to content instead of reading it from the screen. His research group wanted to remove barriers between people and information.

The free app comes with one free voice but you can sample 20 male and female voices for seven days. The sample says: ?If you like the way I sound, I would be happy to read for you.? This friendly approach exemplifies the company?s approachable attitude. When you pick an alternative voice, you will be charged a one-time fee of only $2 – $6. There are several versions of English: American, British, Australian and Indian. The synthetic voices are powered by: Acapela GroupIVONA Software, and Neospeech.

Jen Sidorova, an advocate for Capti, challenges the negative stereotype of the beautiful woman and proves that beauty and brains are compatible.

Jen Sidorova, in her role as Miss East Coast American Beauty, appeared in the interview and in the CES booth. She said, ?As Capti fights for freedom from the screen, I fight for freedom from the stereotype of the beautiful woman? ? the one that says beautiful women aren?t smart. She wants to be a mentor for younger females to break the stereotype that beauty and brains don?t mix. She is a good example of blending the two: Sidorova is a PhD student in political science as well as a president of student government at Stony Brook. True to the stereotype, however, at CES Ms. Sidorova often found by passers admiring her more for her beauty than for the product and point she was trying to make with her presence.

We hope many of the CES attendees did stop to learn about and admire Capti, the product Sidorova was endorsing. Capti is a great boon to our busy, multi-tasking civilization. It?s free, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. The company is open to input from customers. They say if you come across a website that doesn?t seem to work for you, send them the URL and a description of the problem and they?ll take a look. They?ll also consider enhancement suggestions.