Peavey Electronics, a well-known musical instrument and professional audio equipment manufacturer, holds several patents. Their design innovations include branding certain models with licensed images, the latest being a Major League Baseball theme.

Hartley Peavey built his first guitar amplifier in 1957. Since 1964, he has garnered 180 patents for how we hear and play music. Peavey pioneered using computers to make better guitars and created the first computer-configurable audio system. In honor of that accomplishment, Guitar Player listed Hartley Peavey’s adaptation of CNC (computer numeric controlled) routing and copy lathe techniques to instrument making in their 101 Greatest Moments in Guitar History.

The Peavey HalfSize Acoustic Guitar sports logos from MLB?s World Series Winner

The junior-sized, MLB-decorated instruments are comfortable for smaller hands and stay in tune easily. Each guitar comes with Peavey picks and a matching strap, and includes a removable headstock cover with matching MLB logo that protects the player?s fingers from string ends.

Guitar straps to match your guitar are included ? whether you?re a fan of the Mariners, Astros, Cubs, or Giants.

Peavey?s House of Blues themed musical instruments and accessories were released in 2013. The House of Blues < > is dedicated to educating and celebrating the history of southern culture and african american artistic contributions to music and art. Keeping with a southern theme, just as Jack Daniels in Tennessee uses sugar maple in making their whiskey, Peavey uses wood to make their Jack Daniels line of wooden ukuleles. The instruments are created out of three types of wood: natural spruce, sapele and rosewood.

Whiskey making and ukulele construction both require quality wood as part of the process.

The musical company continues to improve on its products. In 2012, Peavey debuted the AT-200 featuring Auto-Tune For Guitar by Antares. With the simple push of a button, the AT-200 digitally self tunes and intonates for perfect pitch all the way up the fret board.

Peavey divisions cover a range of products which include Budda Amplification and Composite Acoustics. In addition to favorable Ultimate Guitar reviews, the company can point to the long line of artists who create ?good vibrations? with Peavey. The diverse range of musicians who use Peavey products include country artists known for the unique sound of steel guitars. Jay Jackson of the Jason Aldean Band plays Peavey?s PowerSlide, an unconventional steel guitar. Its unusual design enables the musician to play it either horizontally or vertically. The PowerSlide has a unique magnet loaded pickup with patented variable coil mode control. The band uses Peavey’s smaller Nashville 112 amplifier which is for ideal for rehearsals and intimate live performances.

Signature Gary Rossington Penta Amp from Peavey Electronics

Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd inspired the 140 Watt Penta Rossington Edition of amplifiers. Peavey is no stranger to Perttu Kivilaakso of Apocalyptica whose sounds work their way through the 6505 Plus amplifier.

Next time you are enjoying your favorite group, check out their instruments and amplifiers. You just might spot a Peavey in the mix.