CES provided an opportunity to get up close and personal with Reed Doughty, a Washington Redskins’ safety. Doughty wears hearing aids ? not only for hearing in the huddle, but in his daily life. He was in the Siemens booth talking of his experiences when I happened to meet him.

Washington Redskin Reed Doughty shows Siemens wireless hearing aid control app for tablets and Android phones

Although Doughty has taken some hits playing football that resulted in concussions, that is not the cause of his hearing loss. He explained that it is genetic, runs in the family. The loss is gradual, but incessant. To overcome the potential disability, Doughty turned to Siemens.

Siemens makes a variety of hearing aids, some that are completely invisible, waterproof, and use rechargeable batteries. The company was exhibiting their wireless solutions that connect to several common devices.

A hearing aid for every need, behind the ear shown here or in the ear

Doughty was telling me how wonderful his Aquaris waterproof hearing aides are. They are not just splash resistant. He swims underwater wearing them. I didn?t ask if he was hoping to hear a whale?s song. The Aquaris is also sweat proof for those gym workouts, dust proof when you are on the field, and shock resistant for active sports people.
Hearing loss affects people in many ways. The cause and type of loss differs from person to person, but the symptoms are usually the same. Siemens? hearing aids are designed to address the client?s specific situation, rather than just amplifying sound. Technology has come a long way since the hearing horn.

The miniTek remote app lets the wearer discreetly control several aspects of the hearing aids. You can adjust the volume for example from your smartphone using the free app, rather than sticking your finger in your ear at the dining table.

Your companion can use a special microphone, again worn discreetly on their shirt pocket or collar. It sends their voice clearly to the hearing aid wearer, eliminating the incessant ?Whadidchya Say?? questions from your spouse.
Wireless connections make the mobile phone, music player, computer, and television unmistakably audible and comfortable to the Siemen?s hearing aid wearer. Doughty says he can listen to music on his MP3 player and seamlessly take a phone call. He says: ?It?s a really great way to turn my hearing aids into a personal headset.?
Besides the behind-the-ear choices, Siemens also develops in-the-ear models. The Orion model provides feedback cancellation which prevents bothersome whistling noises prevalent in older hearing aids that my dad wore. The wearer can enjoy a custom fitting and the remote control allows the user to switch easily between settings for different listening situations.

Nitro, another in-the-ear model, uses Siemens BestSound Technology to benefit those with severe to profound hearing loss. It, like many other models, addresses tinnitus  as well. The company has a special line of aids for children. Siemens was awarded a 2014 CES Innovations Award for the second year in a row.