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Bright Side of News*, founded in 2009, is an online digest covering in-depth news, analysis, and reviews of everything tech.

Our Mission is:

To deliver the most unbiased technology and science news to the world,
To invite readers to the latest innovations, and the decisions behind them,
And to follow these technologies from concept, to silicon, and into your lifestyle.


Publisher, Co-Founder
Theo Valich

Anshel Sag

Sam Reynolds

Hardware Review Team
Ryan Leiserowitz
Harish Jonnalagadda

Pro Audio/Video Manager
Matt Brodnick

Analyst Team
Marcus Pollice
J. Angelo Racoma

Marcus Adamson, Christian Crisostomo, Alan BC Dang
Thomas Gordon, Darleen Hartley, Kilroy Higgins, Denis Jelec
David Li, David Marcus, Nebojsa “Nova” Novakovic,
John Oram, Derek Strickland,  Simon Solotko, Teuta Franjkovic Valich

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Web Administrator
Ivica Hosko

Network Operations Center
Jay Lemmons
John De Marco

Technology Partners
Seagate Technology
Super Micro Computer Inc.

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